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 School Rules

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Headless Headmistress

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PostSubject: School Rules   Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:56 pm

School Rules

1. No fighting. This includes physical and verbal.

2. No Bullying/Discrimination. This is very basic and you should understand this.

3. Be neat and tidy. This is for classrooms, dorms, and YOU.

4. Do not be rude.

5. Follow the rules.

6. PDA is very limited and stretched here. You may hug, high-five, handshake and any other friendly gesture. Please no sexual harassment, immature or hitting allowed.

7. No alcohol. If you smoke please do it in certain areas. You must be 17 to smoke. Drugs such as weed, crack, heroin and any other drugs you kids use is NOT allowed.

8. NO pets except for fish. PLEASE no fish bigger than 1 foot.

9. Wear respectable clothing. If you'd like to show spirit you may wear gold, blue, white and black.

10. If you do not like going to class, at least go to one class you like and get some credit.

Any one who doesn't follow these rules will get punished.
1. Warning
2. Second Warning
3. Detention
4. Friday School
5. Expulsion
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School Rules
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