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 Social Groups and Sub-Social Groups

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PostSubject: Social Groups and Sub-Social Groups   Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:20 pm

There are many social groups within Sasorths High. First there are the main Social Groups The Victors, The Rebels, The Indifferent. The Victors want the same role/story as their parent(s) and want to continue the story along. The Rebels do not want the same role/story as their parent(s) and want to make up their own story. Lastly, The Indifferent are kinda the in between. They are not sure or are neutral about being in their parent(s) foot steps. They choose later on or after graduation. You do not have to be in a sub-social group. Just something for fun to make friends. You have to be in the main Social Group because it's part of the plot and your story.

Now there are subgroups within the main 3 social groups.
Anything bolded is a perk. Not all social groups have perks

-The Victors-
-Class Prez  -  President of the class. They try their best to make their year... their year.
-Varsity  -  They take a lot of sports and are usually good at sports. They can skip gym.
-Virtuoso  -  Singers. They mostly sing and hold events but... No one really is in this social groups because... Everyone basically sings now.
-Actor  -  The thespians of the school. They love acting and do a play every once in a while. They can start a play at anytime and hold auditions.
-Cheerleader  -  The cheerleaders cheer for the Football Team and the Basket Ball team. In that between time, however, they complain, grown, and whine because they have nothing else to do. Cheerleaders can start pep rallies for home games, dances, charity or just because.

-The Rebels-
-Street Artist/Artist  -  They paint all over the school. They paint there, they paint here, they paint EVERYWHERE. They usually don't get in trouble for it. They can paint murals for a club, group, or year on the wall.
-DJ  -  They make music and LOVE to express it. Sometimes their are bad. Reealy bad. But they make them stupid mix tapes no one wants to buy.
-Class Clown  -  Class clowns can be funny or straight up annoying.
-Gamer  -  They play games all the time. Even in class. Gamers tend to do their own thing.
-Hipster  -  Independent thinkers who rule their world. They tend to be smart, and go the opposite of people.

-The Indifferent-
-Wallflower  -  The quiet and shy people. They daydream a lot and tend to not know what's going on.
-Dancer  -  They dance their life away if they could. They do not have to be on beat either.
-Glee  -  Glee is different from the Virtuoso's. Leave it like that.
-Skaters  -  They skate all around, even in school. They don't like other people that much.
-Emo  -  The emotional people. They are quiet and speak their mind sometimes.
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Social Groups and Sub-Social Groups
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